Grand Slam- Digital Story Critique

Awesome video about poetry!

I have to thank so many of my classmates for reminding me of edutopia. I had really forgotten what a great source it is.

This video basically talked about slam poetry from the perspective of students and teachers.

Project planning- It was very evident that the video was well planned out. You could tell that the order of speakers and classrooms clips was thought out to make the video flow really well. The students that were performing slam poetry also showed evidence of project planning. I would love to use this video as an example for my students.

Writing- It is obviously very evident that the students had quality writing. Their poems that they performed were very well written and spoken. It would take great writing to be able to create those poems.

Sense of audience- This video definitely met my needs as the audience member. It gave me a great look at what slam poetry is and how it is being implemented in schools. I also really loved that it provided testimonies from students. This was very helpful to me as I wanted to know how the students felt about the slam poetry.

Overall a really great video. One thing that I would really like to see would be more of the writing process. I would love to see how the students thought through their writing of their poems.



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