Digital Poetry

This was an awesome article for me to read. I have really been trying to think of how I would incorporate more technology into my classroom and this article gave me so much to think about. Digital Poetry is an interesting idea but basically is the idea of incorporating visual, audio, and multimedia aspects into a piece of poetry. They stated in the article that this could be extremely hard for many traditional classrooms. I know that getting technology into my classroom will be difficult as well. I love the idea of using prezi as the article suggested. I really think this is an easy platform for my students to use.

The article talked about separating students into groups and allowing each of them to have a job such as writer, researcher, media, etc. I love the idea of letting students dig into each type of work.

A struggle that I am finding for myself is how to put students into groups. Do I group them by interest, by writing level, by skill, etc. This is something that I always struggle with, but knowing that using technology may be a challenge as well I am just not sure the best grouping strategies.

Overall this was a great article that had a lot of take-aways for me.


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