Low Stakes Writing-


After finding the video about low stakes writing on edutopia I wanted to read a bit more about it.

This was a really short and sweet article explaining low stakes writing. I loved it because this is exactly what I needed… a quick look at low stakes writing and how it is being used in classrooms.

This article gave me so many great ideas about using low stakes writing in the classroom. I love the idea of using it as an exit slip. I also really like the idea of using it to allow students to share their misunderstandings or frustrations. I think this could be a great place for them to be able to privately express their confusions to me and this allows me to get back with them to clarify.

I think I will use low stakes writing in so many ways in my classroom. Sometimes I will use it for an exit slip, maybe to see if students can summarize something they have learned, or just to share their thinking.


Great article to take a few minutes and read!


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