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Week 4 Reflection

What a week! I learned so much more new technology this week. I LOVE VINE!!! I have so many great ideas for using this in the classroom. I want to use this to have my students create introduction videos of themselves. How fund would it be to have them make a 6 second video to introduce themselves to the class? I think it would be great and so engaging to think about how to get your info across in 6 seconds.

Ok, off of vine there were so many great things that I learned this week. I was able to tinker with some different video applications. Although I was not successful with most of them I was proud of myself for at least dabbling with them. I think this was my challenge for the week was the amount of time that I spent trying to make video applications work for me… I guess this will require some more time and effort.

The course reading this week was very eye opening. I had never thought of DIY and a sort of trend that began many decades ago. I always viewed DIY as some sort of home renovations. As I read many of my classmates reading responses this was also their perception. I was glad to know that I was not the only one that thought this.

I will be continuing to dabble with technology. I am also ready to start making some decisions on what technology I want to bring into my classroom at the beginning of the year and how exactly I will do that.

As far and my class participation I would give myself a meeting expectations score. I was able to participate and respond to classmates comments on reading and story critiques. I also really enjoyed the daily creates this week as well as the video assignment. I will continue to work on my tech savviness (I don’t think that is a word.)

Farewell for now!

Chant Poems


WOW!!!! So many great examples of chant poems in this article. I love the work that all of these students created… and I love the idea of sharing it with my own students.

This article did a great job of building some background knowledge on how poetry began. It reminded me to think back to native tribes that chanted and repeated sounds, creating the first poems.

The chant poem is a fairly new form of poetry for me. I am excited to introduce this form of poetry to my students. I think that it may take them some time to get started on a poem like this (we will have to do some brain dumps and lots of thinking) however I think that once they get started they will be able to run with it and be very successful. I think that I need to try my hand at chant poetry before I ask my students to create chant poetry. So here is my go at chant poetry…



My Dog

My Dog Macy

My Dog Macy loves

My Dog Macy loves to

My Dog Macy loves to sleep.


Sleep in

Sleep in the

Sleep in the bed

Sleep in the bed with

Sleep in the bed with me.


Me- my

Me- my dog

Me-my dog Macy’s best

Me- my dog Macy’s best friend.


Not sure that I love it but at least I will share with my students as an idea.



Why Poetry – Digital Story Critique


I loved this blog on poetry. It was short and sweet and easy for the reader to access. This article quickly addresses 5 reasons why we need poetry in the classroom.

Research- Was the project well researched?

I would have to say the writer has great points but I am not sure that it is completely evident that they had great research, however I did like that they gave a list of resources for the reader to check out. I can only assume that these were resources that they researched before writing the blog.

Sense of audience- How well did the story respect the needs of the audience?

I think this blog did a great job of meeting the needs of the audience. The intended audience is obviously educators. To me this article was short and sweet and easy to read. I loved that it was bullet pointed which made it very easy to follow. It made it easy as the reader to quickly find the information that I was looking for.

Project Planning- Is there evidence of planning?

I did not see any evidence of planning. However, I guess I am questioning what this would look like in a blog?

Overall, I really enjoyed this article. It was a quick read that gave me the information that I was looking for. It validated a lot of points that I was already thinking. This is a blog post that I would definitely share with my coworkers.


DIY Media Reading Response

Wow- Talk about overload… So much new information to me. It was very interesting to actually read the background of DIY I had no idea that it went back to the 70’s. I thought this was a fairly new trend- such as what we are seeing on all the tv shows, pinterest, etsy, etc. Little did I know how far back this idea dates.

I found many things interesting in this chapter but a few really stuck out to me. The biggest point that I took from this chapter was the idea of a pull classroom which embraces a participatory culture. I loved the list of what makes a participatory culture. I think this is something that is already somewhat happening in a lot of classrooms, mine included however we are not calling it such. I think that it is so important to address this culture, especially

4. Where members believe that their contributions matter

This is such an important part of any classroom culture. I also enjoyed reading about allowing tinkering in this digital media. This is something that I would really like to encourage my students to do. I want them to be able to check out many different digital mediums and then be able to use and create with their chosen medium.

I also have never heard of zines and found this so fascinating. I love that they were originally to promote music and concerts. I would love to be able to find some original zines as well as some current zines to show students. I think this is something that students would love to create and be able to share with an audience. I can see tinkering with this idea of zines in the old school way first and initially having students actually cut and paste to create their zines. However, I would love to be able to move forward and allow them to create digital zines.

The last thing that really stuck with me was the idea of not necessarily pushing a professional product or outcome. I think this is a very important point for me to keep in mind not only personally but as a teacher as well. I know that I have recently been tinkering in many different types of media and technology. I have created products that are by no means professional. However, I am quite proud of my outcomes. I am proud of the process that I took to get to the final product. I have always believed in learning that the process is more important than the product so I really appreciated that this was pointed out in this chapter.


Overall, another great chapter that has my head spinning with a million ideas of how to use this technology in my classroom. I guess I should be grateful, I mean the more ideas one has the better, right?



Weekly Reflection

Good evening!

I am happy to say that I have a much better understand of some of the technology that we are using. I am feeling much more confident and am really getting the hang of the annotating and such. With that being said I think I had a much, much better week. I am really starting to see how all the aspects of this class will benefit me as a classroom teacher.

Participation on required work-

This week I was able to confidently navigate technology and complete all required parts of the class. The most difficult thing for me this week was navigating to record my response to a song that I chose. I was not able to actually record in soundcloud however I was able to upload my recording to soundcloud and then add it to my assignment. I will have to continue working with that website. I enjoyed the daily creates this week. I find myself thinking that so many of them would be fun to post as morning work for my students to start the day with. I would love to see the fun responses they would come up with. Even if they could not use technology every morning there are so many that they could respond to orally with a partner, illustrate, or write a response.

I am enjoying being in a smaller group for reading responses and critiques. It seems much easier to manage and to follow along with.

I would really like to reach out to Lisa for assistance in my final digital story work. So I guess I would say this is my area that I am feeling I could use more work and have some questions about.

Meeting Expectations-

This week I would say I am meeting expectations. I completed all required work. I feel that I put my best effort in and really learned a lot this week. This class is constantly surprising me. I am enjoying it more and more and finding so many great ideas and resources to use in my classroom.

Farewell for now!




Poetry to facilitate literacy success as well as great behavior!


LOVE LOVE LOVE this article for so many reasons! First, it was publised by my alma mader. But really it addressed so many things that I was thinking about poetry.

Poetry almost seems like a lost art in the classroom. It is missing from so many classrooms. Often I think that poetry seems boring and daunting for students. It was so refreshing to hear so many great ideas from this teacher on how she incorporated poetry into her classroom in so many great ways.

I had really not thought about the fact that poetry is really the first literacy that students learn. Whether is the the rhyming songs that a mother sings, jump ropes rhymes, or silly stories, children are exposed to poetry at such a young age. Why are we not capitalizing on this and continuing their use of poetry in the classroom.

I love that this teacher used poetry to create self-awareness, self-confidence, compassion, community, and on and on. It seems that she introduced the poems and then allowed students to define the underlying meaning. I also love the way that she went about her teaching strategies. It seems that she took a lot of time to help students read the poems and comprehend them. She then asked them to use their background knowledge to write poems. I love that she had them begin their poetry writing with something they had so much information about. Talk about creating success off the bat.

How genius is this woman to have students reciting poems during transitions and in the hallway? Not only is she promoting fluency but she is promoting positive behavior.

I fell in love when I read the comments from the students about poetry. What a validation for this teacher on the work that she is doing with her students. I would love to get those reactions from my students on work that we are doing. I love that they felt so much ownership and pride in their poetry.

Again, I am so overwhelmed with great ideas to try in my classroom. Now I have even more research to do. I will need to be spending lots of time at the library gathering all of these great poems!!!

Happy Poetry Reading!

Digital Story Critique

Haikus on Street Signs Inspire Non-Fiction Genre Mashups


Check out this awesome blog about mash-ups and poetry!!! I loved it!

Story flow-

This blog had great flow. It was easy to follow and navigate. I was searching for something to read about that would include using poetry and mashups and this title popped up. The blog addressed exactly what the title said it was. For me to moved through the topic in a great way. First. addressing the project at hand (writing poetry out of street signs) and then on to other poetry ideas. I appreciated that it was short and sweet and to the point.



Did the blog meet the needs of the audience? I would say absolutely. Me being the audience member I was looking for information and ideas about how to incorporate mash-ups and poetry in my classroom. This article did exactly that. It gave me the information that I needed in my area of research.


I appreciated the use of  media in this blog. It was simple yet useful. The images of the actual project were visually appealing and easy to locate within the blog. I also found it helpful that images of other literary titles that were spoken of were in the blog as well. I did not see the need for fancy videos and audio and appreciated that only the media that was necessary was in the blog.


Overall, I thought that was a great blog that gave me great ideas for my classroom!

That’s all for now folks!