Final Reflection

WOW! I said this in my final portfolio and I will say it again, I can not believe what a journey this has been. I am so grateful for the learning opportunities that have been presented to me. I have learned so much about myself as a learner, a teacher, and a blogger/techie. I realized I am most definitely a visual and auditory learner. I need to see things demonstrated for me. This class was interesting for me in that sense. I feel that the social outlets were nice for me to be able to see my peers work, however I feel that I needed more demonstration so to speak. The tutorials in the assignment bank were helpful to me in this sense. I also realized that I am an auditory learned in such a way that I like to have discussions about my reading. I loved the idea of annotating the articles and being able to “chat” with my classmates about what we were reading. This was a great way for me to learn that I would love to share with my students. Many articles that we read talked about teaching students that it is ok to fail and I have to say I really embraced this idea during this course. There were many times that I failed before I actually had a product that I was semi proud of. I will continue to embrace this idea in my future learning. I think for me I have always felt that I needed things to be perfect, and not only perfect but perfect the first time. This class was different in that way. There was never a perfect right answer. I really enjoyed that so much of the class was based on my thoughts and my interests. I never felt that there was a right or wrong. I felt that the process of learning and creating was more important than the actual product itself. This is something that I have always believed and really tried to help my students understand as well. I believe that I still have a long way to go on becoming “connected”. So many of the mediums and forums that we used were brand new to me, including blogging and twitter (I know that makes me seem so old school)! With that being said I feel that I have come a long way with my technology and will continue to work to better connect myself as I know it is the future and the way to the best research and resources.

I never would have thought of myself as a co-designer of the course, however that is making a little more sense to me now. This course was so different in that it let me be my own teacher (designer) somewhat. I was able to teach myself so many new mediums and ways of using technology. I was also able to guide my own learning. In past graduate courses these things have been laid out for me long before I began the class. I loved that it was apparent what skills we needed to learn in the class, however we were encouraged to go about doing this in our own way. This was a great way for me to learn and to feel successful! For that I say thank you to the great leaders of this course. You have built such a great framework for us and allowed us to be such independent and successful learners.
I feel that by annotating articles together, and reading and reflecting on my peers work I was able to guide my learning as well as theirs. This is something else that I would really like to take to my classroom. I would love to have a forum of some kind that my students are able to read the same piece and then go back and forth on their thoughts and feelings about it. I believe that doing this in a digital environment rather than face to face also created a safe space for people to really share their thinking. As far as changing the course there is only one thing that I might change. I would love to have had at least one face to face class to be able to work with my peers. I would have loved to be able to share frustrations and work out kinks together. However, without that being a part of the course I did on my own.
My understanding of pedagogy is forever changing and this was just another great twist in it. As I said earlier I really appreciated being able to guide my own learning and choose what I would work on. We know, and have researched that allowing students to choose what they learn about and how they present their learning is the most successful. With that being said I thank Remi and Lisa was giving us all a living example of what that can look like. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have seen how you can guide your students to learn a skill set but allow them to do it in so many different ways. This is a huge takeaway for me and something that I will continue to work towards. I know that it must have taken so much work to create this course and to allow it to work that way, however I have to say your work is much appreciated and it was definitely worth the time. I can not say thank you enough times to each of you!!! My eyes have been opened to a whole new world that will be so wonderful to share with my students. I have so many great resources from the 2 of you and from my peers that I will forever cherish, My students will absolutely appreciate the great ideas that I have gained as well as my approach to their learning so again I say thank you!!!



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