Week 7 Reflection

WOW! How is it week 7 already? I really enjoyed the reading and research that I did this week. I liked that we had a choice of our required reading and it was nice to revisit an article I had read a few years back. It opened my eyes again and reminded me that I really need to be more aware of white privilege in my classroom, this is something I can kind of lost track of.

I also read an article about low stakes writing that I really enjoyed. My school is on an improvement plan and writing is a huge focus for us. I am so excited about the ideas that I have for adding more low stakes writing into my classroom. I am also very excited to share this article with my teaching mates and see what we can do as a school to add more low stakes writing opportunities. When I watched the video about low stakes writing it was so eye-opening to hear the students speak with confidence about their writing!!!!

Overall, I really liked the work that I did this week. I was quite proud of my creativity on my daily create. I chose to do a writing assignment and write a letter to myself in 10 years. This was much harder than I thought it would be. I think this would be a really fun thing to have my students do. Most of my students will be 9 years old, which would mean their letter would be written to themselves at age 19. What a turning point in their life, I think they would have great things to say.

I would give myself a meeting expectations this week. I did a lot of research on low stakes writing during the week. Also, a lot of work that I did this week is not actually seen however I got a lot of planning done for this next school year, thinking about how to add digital storytelling, low stakes writing, and white privilege into my classroom. I am so excited about the work and planning that I was able to accomplish this week due to the push from this class.


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