Final Reflection

WOW! I said this in my final portfolio and I will say it again, I can not believe what a journey this has been. I am so grateful for the learning opportunities that have been presented to me. I have learned so much about myself as a learner, a teacher, and a blogger/techie. I realized I am most definitely a visual and auditory learner. I need to see things demonstrated for me. This class was interesting for me in that sense. I feel that the social outlets were nice for me to be able to see my peers work, however I feel that I needed more demonstration so to speak. The tutorials in the assignment bank were helpful to me in this sense. I also realized that I am an auditory learned in such a way that I like to have discussions about my reading. I loved the idea of annotating the articles and being able to “chat” with my classmates about what we were reading. This was a great way for me to learn that I would love to share with my students. Many articles that we read talked about teaching students that it is ok to fail and I have to say I really embraced this idea during this course. There were many times that I failed before I actually had a product that I was semi proud of. I will continue to embrace this idea in my future learning. I think for me I have always felt that I needed things to be perfect, and not only perfect but perfect the first time. This class was different in that way. There was never a perfect right answer. I really enjoyed that so much of the class was based on my thoughts and my interests. I never felt that there was a right or wrong. I felt that the process of learning and creating was more important than the actual product itself. This is something that I have always believed and really tried to help my students understand as well. I believe that I still have a long way to go on becoming “connected”. So many of the mediums and forums that we used were brand new to me, including blogging and twitter (I know that makes me seem so old school)! With that being said I feel that I have come a long way with my technology and will continue to work to better connect myself as I know it is the future and the way to the best research and resources.

I never would have thought of myself as a co-designer of the course, however that is making a little more sense to me now. This course was so different in that it let me be my own teacher (designer) somewhat. I was able to teach myself so many new mediums and ways of using technology. I was also able to guide my own learning. In past graduate courses these things have been laid out for me long before I began the class. I loved that it was apparent what skills we needed to learn in the class, however we were encouraged to go about doing this in our own way. This was a great way for me to learn and to feel successful! For that I say thank you to the great leaders of this course. You have built such a great framework for us and allowed us to be such independent and successful learners.
I feel that by annotating articles together, and reading and reflecting on my peers work I was able to guide my learning as well as theirs. This is something else that I would really like to take to my classroom. I would love to have a forum of some kind that my students are able to read the same piece and then go back and forth on their thoughts and feelings about it. I believe that doing this in a digital environment rather than face to face also created a safe space for people to really share their thinking. As far as changing the course there is only one thing that I might change. I would love to have had at least one face to face class to be able to work with my peers. I would have loved to be able to share frustrations and work out kinks together. However, without that being a part of the course I did on my own.
My understanding of pedagogy is forever changing and this was just another great twist in it. As I said earlier I really appreciated being able to guide my own learning and choose what I would work on. We know, and have researched that allowing students to choose what they learn about and how they present their learning is the most successful. With that being said I thank Remi and Lisa was giving us all a living example of what that can look like. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have seen how you can guide your students to learn a skill set but allow them to do it in so many different ways. This is a huge takeaway for me and something that I will continue to work towards. I know that it must have taken so much work to create this course and to allow it to work that way, however I have to say your work is much appreciated and it was definitely worth the time. I can not say thank you enough times to each of you!!! My eyes have been opened to a whole new world that will be so wonderful to share with my students. I have so many great resources from the 2 of you and from my peers that I will forever cherish, My students will absolutely appreciate the great ideas that I have gained as well as my approach to their learning so again I say thank you!!!



Week 7 Reflection

WOW! How is it week 7 already? I really enjoyed the reading and research that I did this week. I liked that we had a choice of our required reading and it was nice to revisit an article I had read a few years back. It opened my eyes again and reminded me that I really need to be more aware of white privilege in my classroom, this is something I can kind of lost track of.

I also read an article about low stakes writing that I really enjoyed. My school is on an improvement plan and writing is a huge focus for us. I am so excited about the ideas that I have for adding more low stakes writing into my classroom. I am also very excited to share this article with my teaching mates and see what we can do as a school to add more low stakes writing opportunities. When I watched the video about low stakes writing it was so eye-opening to hear the students speak with confidence about their writing!!!!

Overall, I really liked the work that I did this week. I was quite proud of my creativity on my daily create. I chose to do a writing assignment and write a letter to myself in 10 years. This was much harder than I thought it would be. I think this would be a really fun thing to have my students do. Most of my students will be 9 years old, which would mean their letter would be written to themselves at age 19. What a turning point in their life, I think they would have great things to say.

I would give myself a meeting expectations this week. I did a lot of research on low stakes writing during the week. Also, a lot of work that I did this week is not actually seen however I got a lot of planning done for this next school year, thinking about how to add digital storytelling, low stakes writing, and white privilege into my classroom. I am so excited about the work and planning that I was able to accomplish this week due to the push from this class.

Writing Assignments-Myself in 10 years writ

Dear future me,

Life in 10 years… this is a crazy thought but I will be 40…YIKES!!!! What do I imagine my life to be like at age 40…

  1. Married
  2. 3 kids
  3. Still teaching
  4. loving life


What is scary to me is who is president… Donald Trump? Hilary Clinton? Someone new I hope!

I hope that we have found a way to end this horrific violence. It is a very scary thought to me that this could still be going on in 10 years. I hope that we have found the answer to this violence.

On to the better things in life…Let’s hope I have found the man of my dreams by now and have married him. I hope that we are thriving in our life and loving every adventure. I hope that we have had children and are raising them to be kind, gracious, honest, respectful, and strong.

This is really kind of a crazy thought to think of myself in 10 years but this is the best that I can come up with.


Me at age 30

Low Stakes Writing-

After finding the video about low stakes writing on edutopia I wanted to read a bit more about it.

This was a really short and sweet article explaining low stakes writing. I loved it because this is exactly what I needed… a quick look at low stakes writing and how it is being used in classrooms.

This article gave me so many great ideas about using low stakes writing in the classroom. I love the idea of using it as an exit slip. I also really like the idea of using it to allow students to share their misunderstandings or frustrations. I think this could be a great place for them to be able to privately express their confusions to me and this allows me to get back with them to clarify.

I think I will use low stakes writing in so many ways in my classroom. Sometimes I will use it for an exit slip, maybe to see if students can summarize something they have learned, or just to share their thinking.


Great article to take a few minutes and read!

Low Stakes Writing- Digital Story Critique

AWESOME Video!!!.
This was a great video that explored the idea of using low stakes writing in the classroom.



The presence of literature was so amazing in this video. It showed students writing in every academic subject. I love the idea how differently it was being used across subjects. Some teachers gave students a prompt, some just asked them to reflect, some gave them 2 minutes some 7.

Meeting the needs of the audience-

This absolutely met my needs as a teacher. It was a great video to give me a quick idea of low stakes writing which is exactly what I was looking for.



It is very obvious that this video was well planned out. It was easy to follow and flowed nicely. It was obviously edited by someone that knew what they were doing.

What I would change?

I would love to see more from the teachers about how they introduced low stakes writing, what expectations did they set, and do they check this writing and respond to it?

White Privilege

This is such a great article that I have had the chance to read before but it was great to revisit it. I had really forgotten so many of the great points that it brings up about white privilege.

As I read through I was reminded that I think white privilege is something that whites have been taught to be oblivious to. We have been taught to not recognize it. I have to completely disagree with this idea. I think that we do need to recognize it and as so many of my classmates said we need to decide how will we be the change agent, how will we step in and be an ally? What will we do to make a difference?

The list that she comes up with explaining all of the ways that white privilege affects her is amazing… I would not have thought of so many of these different ideas but yet they are so true. As I read through this list I just kept thinking  how would it feel to be on the other side. I do not have answers at this moment but my thought is that I need to choose 1 or 2 of the ways that white privilege affects and think of how I will be a change agent.

To be continued some day with my list of how privilege affects me and the changes I can make to be an ally.

Weekly Reflection


This seems to be the theme of what I took out of this week! I read many articles and watched videos that I found and that my classmates shared that focused around collaboration. My thought now is to really think about how this plays into my classroom specifically. I believe that the collaboration has to begin with my administration. I need their help in making the resources available in my classroom. Throughout this course we have talked so much about so many great resources and technology that can be used in the classroom and now I have to find a way to make this happen.

Next, I think I need to collaborate with my students. We need to work as a team to establish norms for the use of technology. I also read and article that my classmate shared that talked about collaboration with students in teaching them how to use the technology. I think this will play a huge role.

Lastly, collaboration will be evident among students as they work in groups to become successful using technology in the classroom. This is what I am most excited to see. The required reading for the week addressed how to put students into groups and thinking about how to make them successful. This is definitely something that I feel I will be going back to and continuously working on making it the most efficient.

As far as my participation in class this week I would give myself a below expectations. I am not one to come up with excuses. With that being said I have had an absolutely crazy week. My car broke down, my sister moved and I had to help, visitors came to town, and on and on. Soooo, long story short I completely lost track of my days and did not realize until Saturday morning that it was actually Saturday morning and I had in fact completely forgotten that my homework was due the day before. For this reason I give myself a below expectations because obviously I need to do a better job of setting reminds for myself.



Reading Response to Social Learning

This was a long article for me. It seemed that I had to read and re-read many times. Social learning is something that we have been dabbling in throughout this whole class and I guess I am still just trying to understand exactly how it will play out in my classroom.

It was interesting reading through the comments from my classmates about social learning. At one point we were all commenting on exactly what they meant by “social”. Many of us agreed that social includes background knowledge, personal life, work, family, culture, etc. These factors play so much of a role in learning.

It went on to discuss the knowledge that we have and bring to others. It was interesting to really think about how a carpenter for instance would bring different knowledge than an astronaut. This really struck a chord with me as to how I need to plan for my students and the “Social” knowledge that they will bring to the classroom.

to seeing learning as a matter of involving individuals in processes and practices within which knowledge, understanding, and ideas are produced by participants as social accomplishments.

This quote really stuck out to me. It is something that I absolutely believe in and try to remember in all of my planning. I truly believe that it is so important to involve students in their learning. This makes the learning so much for transferable. It is important to allow students to bring their knowledge into the learning and to then educate others.

My favorite quote from this reading and something that I will absolutely use in my classroom is the following.

learners be ‘willing and able to take on a new identity in the world, to see the world and act on it in new ways
I would like to share this quote with my students. I would really like to push them to move out of the comfort zones as learning and take on new identities. This will absolutely be something that I will push all year long and from the very beginning.

Grand Slam- Digital Story Critique

Awesome video about poetry!

I have to thank so many of my classmates for reminding me of edutopia. I had really forgotten what a great source it is.

This video basically talked about slam poetry from the perspective of students and teachers.

Project planning- It was very evident that the video was well planned out. You could tell that the order of speakers and classrooms clips was thought out to make the video flow really well. The students that were performing slam poetry also showed evidence of project planning. I would love to use this video as an example for my students.

Writing- It is obviously very evident that the students had quality writing. Their poems that they performed were very well written and spoken. It would take great writing to be able to create those poems.

Sense of audience- This video definitely met my needs as the audience member. It gave me a great look at what slam poetry is and how it is being implemented in schools. I also really loved that it provided testimonies from students. This was very helpful to me as I wanted to know how the students felt about the slam poetry.

Overall a really great video. One thing that I would really like to see would be more of the writing process. I would love to see how the students thought through their writing of their poems.