Reading Response to Social Learning

This was a long article for me. It seemed that I had to read and re-read many times. Social learning is something that we have been dabbling in throughout this whole class and I guess I am still just trying to understand exactly how it will play out in my classroom.

It was interesting reading through the comments from my classmates about social learning. At one point we were all commenting on exactly what they meant by “social”. Many of us agreed that social includes background knowledge, personal life, work, family, culture, etc. These factors play so much of a role in learning.

It went on to discuss the knowledge that we have and bring to others. It was interesting to really think about how a carpenter for instance would bring different knowledge than an astronaut. This really struck a chord with me as to how I need to plan for my students and the “Social” knowledge that they will bring to the classroom.

to seeing learning as a matter of involving individuals in processes and practices within which knowledge, understanding, and ideas are produced by participants as social accomplishments.

This quote really stuck out to me. It is something that I absolutely believe in and try to remember in all of my planning. I truly believe that it is so important to involve students in their learning. This makes the learning so much for transferable. It is important to allow students to bring their knowledge into the learning and to then educate others.

My favorite quote from this reading and something that I will absolutely use in my classroom is the following.

learners be ‘willing and able to take on a new identity in the world, to see the world and act on it in new ways
I would like to share this quote with my students. I would really like to push them to move out of the comfort zones as learning and take on new identities. This will absolutely be something that I will push all year long and from the very beginning.

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