Writing Assignments-Myself in 10 years writ

Dear future me,

Life in 10 years… this is a crazy thought but I will be 40…YIKES!!!! What do I imagine my life to be like at age 40…

  1. Married
  2. 3 kids
  3. Still teaching
  4. loving life


What is scary to me is who is president… Donald Trump? Hilary Clinton? Someone new I hope!

I hope that we have found a way to end this horrific violence. It is a very scary thought to me that this could still be going on in 10 years. I hope that we have found the answer to this violence.

On to the better things in life…Let’s hope I have found the man of my dreams by now and have married him. I hope that we are thriving in our life and loving every adventure. I hope that we have had children and are raising them to be kind, gracious, honest, respectful, and strong.

This is really kind of a crazy thought to think of myself in 10 years but this is the best that I can come up with.


Me at age 30


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