White Privilege

This is such a great article that I have had the chance to read before but it was great to revisit it. I had really forgotten so many of the great points that it brings up about white privilege.

As I read through I was reminded that I think white privilege is something that whites have been taught to be oblivious to. We have been taught to not recognize it. I have to completely disagree with this idea. I think that we do need to recognize it and as so many of my classmates said we need to decide how will we be the change agent, how will we step in and be an ally? What will we do to make a difference?

The list that she comes up with explaining all of the ways that white privilege affects her is amazing… I would not have thought of so many of these different ideas but yet they are so true. As I read through this list I just kept thinking  how would it feel to be on the other side. I do not have answers at this moment but my thought is that I need to choose 1 or 2 of the ways that white privilege affects and think of how I will be a change agent.

To be continued some day with my list of how privilege affects me and the changes I can make to be an ally.


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