Low Stakes Writing- Digital Story Critique

AWESOME Video!!!.
This was a great video that explored the idea of using low stakes writing in the classroom.



The presence of literature was so amazing in this video. It showed students writing in every academic subject. I love the idea how differently it was being used across subjects. Some teachers gave students a prompt, some just asked them to reflect, some gave them 2 minutes some 7.

Meeting the needs of the audience-

This absolutely met my needs as a teacher. It was a great video to give me a quick idea of low stakes writing which is exactly what I was looking for.



It is very obvious that this video was well planned out. It was easy to follow and flowed nicely. It was obviously edited by someone that knew what they were doing.

What I would change?

I would love to see more from the teachers about how they introduced low stakes writing, what expectations did they set, and do they check this writing and respond to it?


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