Weekly Reflection


This seems to be the theme of what I took out of this week! I read many articles and watched videos that I found and that my classmates shared that focused around collaboration. My thought now is to really think about how this plays into my classroom specifically. I believe that the collaboration has to begin with my administration. I need their help in making the resources available in my classroom. Throughout this course we have talked so much about so many great resources and technology that can be used in the classroom and now I have to find a way to make this happen.

Next, I think I need to collaborate with my students. We need to work as a team to establish norms for the use of technology. I also read and article that my classmate shared that talked about collaboration with students in teaching them how to use the technology. I think this will play a huge role.

Lastly, collaboration will be evident among students as they work in groups to become successful using technology in the classroom. This is what I am most excited to see. The required reading for the week addressed how to put students into groups and thinking about how to make them successful. This is definitely something that I feel I will be going back to and continuously working on making it the most efficient.

As far as my participation in class this week I would give myself a below expectations. I am not one to come up with excuses. With that being said I have had an absolutely crazy week. My car broke down, my sister moved and I had to help, visitors came to town, and on and on. Soooo, long story short I completely lost track of my days and did not realize until Saturday morning that it was actually Saturday morning and I had in fact completely forgotten that my homework was due the day before. For this reason I give myself a below expectations because obviously I need to do a better job of setting reminds for myself.




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