Week 5 Reflection

I have to agree with so many of  my classmates this week on the sadness. I will be teaching 4th grade next year and I know that my students will be aware of what is going on around them. I know that this will be a topic of discussion in the classroom, and I have absolutely no idea how to approach this. I have to thank Erin for going out and digging up some resources on how to talk with students about these types of things. Ok off of that topic!

This week really made me think about the DIY, DIT topic. I really want to embrace the “together” with my students. I want them to feel successful and I want us all to struggle as learners together. I love the idea of DIY, so to speak and allowing students to feel so much more ownership for their learning. I think approaching it as DIT will be great for students to feel that ownership. I have been digging into my curriculum and trying to think about where I could add some DIT, more to come on that.

Another take- away for me this week was the discussion of using technology in the classroom. The weeks reading talked about how students know technology why not use it. I could not agree more. As educators why would we not want to capitalize on something that our students are familiar with, maybe not even familiar with but experts at. If they can become engaged in technology why not use that to our advantage. A classmate posted an article about technology in the classroom that had a lot of great take-aways for me. The biggest being that the learning must come before the technology. I agree that it is so easy to get lost in the use of technology that our learning targets can become completely lost. This is something that I really need to be thoughtful about in my planning. I also need to make sure that I am purposefully using technology where it makes sense and not just trying to fit it in. I would also really like to see our school districts get more on board with the use of technology.

I continue to think about how I will use this class and the things that I have learned in my own classroom. I really think that I would like to use the idea of the daily create with my students. It gives them such a fun and creative outlet. I would need to think of exactly how I will make this work and what technology they will have access to when doing this. So, there are still logistics to work out but it is definitely something that I would like ti implement in my classroom. I also have loved browsing through the visual, audio, mashup, writing assignments and have found so many great ideas that I would love to use with students.

Overall for the week I would give myself meeting expectations. I have really loved digging into so many different articles that my classmates have shared. I really love that this class gives us access to so many great resources, and best of all resources that wonderful educators have found to be useful and successful. So, I know that I am not just digging into something that might be a crap article.

That’s all for now!


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