Week 5 Reading Reflection

I love that this article began by stating that the book is a “why to” guide. This is so meaningful to me. I have to know the why behind the what.

How do we immerse the powers that be how important this digital movement is? Not only is it important for teachers to include these opportunities for students in their learning but it is important for this to be tied into the everyday curriculum and learning. This would be extremely helpful in closing the “participation gap”.

The article makes a very valid point at the very beginning..

“Bringing some of these meaningful practices into the classroom allows young people to deploy more effective learning strategies and to take greater control over their education.”
I could not agree with this statement more. I think it is so important for students to understand why they are learning what they are learning. I also believe that they need to take control of their learning. They need to have intrinsic motivation to learning. I do not want my students to learn something because I want them to. I want them to learn it because they want to learn it and because they know the value of it.
DO IT OURSELVES!!! DO IT TOGETHER!  What great phrases… I have to remember to use this phrasing with my students. I want use to struggle together or for them to struggle with a group.
This was a great chapter for me to really think about what I am doing in the classroom. I need to think not only about sharing with my students the why, but also being purposeful with the why in my planning. I want to make sure there is a clear cut reason for exactly why I am using the practices that I am. I also really enjoyed that this chapter gave me some great motivation and language to use with my students.

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