The Hatred of Poetry

This was a very interesting review. I would love to share it with my students some day. I would also love to read the book, but of course have added it to my never ending list of books I need to pick up.


Research- As far as this review piece there was not a ton of evidence of research. The author of the review obviously read the book and is well versed in poetry but that seem,s to be the extent of the research.

Audience- This review very well met the needs of the audience in my opinion. As a classroom teacher as the audience it was very helpful to me to read this review and it definitely tied me in and made me want to read the book.

Media application- In this review I did not feel that media was necessary. I am assuming that the author must have felt the same as there was not media in the review.

Overall a great review that drew me in and made me want to get my hands on the book!



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