Week 4 Reflection

I am just continually amazed by the technology that is out there these days. I am soooooo far behind when it comes to technology. This week I watched some great videos that my colleagues shared and read some great articles that they shared as well. I am feeling extremely inspired…it is the beginning of July but I have so many ideas running through my head that I am afraid to say it but I want to get to work.

I found myself digging through websites for hours this week. I would go to a site to read an article or watch a video that a colleague had shared and then I would just keep clicking, which would lead me to something else that would spark my interest, and so on until I realized I had been clicking for over an hour. This is so exciting to me. I am finding so many great resources to being integrating more technology and exploration in my classroom.

I was intrigued by the chapter we read for class this week about blogging. I am really excited to learn more about how I could use blogs in my classroom. I am really thinking this would be a great way for my students to be able to continuously publish their work and get feedback from others on it.

I would give myself a meeting expectations as far as class work goes. However I am excited about the work that I was able to do outside of the “homework” parameters. I felt really good about the reading and research that I was doing. Nothing seemed particularly difficult for me this week it was all just so inspiring. I am excited about the work that I have ahead of me. I have to say each week I am appreciating this class more and more.


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