Week 4 Reading Response

Blogging…..ohhhh blogging

Blogging has not been a friend of mine so far. The article speaks to a blog not only being the text but the style, the look, the colors, etc. This is something that I am still continually struggling with. I am not tech savvy enough to create the style that I am going for when I am blogging.

The article also states that blogging is a chance to publish ourselves. This makes so sense and something that I would really like to allow my students to dabble in. I would love them to be able to use a blog to communicate about themselves with classmates as well as with me. I would love to have them be able to comment on each others blogs and give each other feedback.

This article also speaks about blogging being a way to instantly publish. I love the idea of using blogging in the classroom as instant publishing gratification. I think that students would feel such a sense of accomplishment by being able to instantly publish.

I so agree with the portion of the article bloggers have feelings too. This is something that I will need to think about when I think of allowing my students to start blogs. Obviously I would want this to be a positive experience for them and with that being said it would be tough to control their audience. In the classroom it would obviously be easy enough to control the “rules” so to speak of blogging however that does not control what the public can say or do about a students blog.

Overall this article just gave me more things to contemplate in the world of blogging. More things to think about when thinking of possibly using blogs in my classroom.




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