Is Poetry Dead?


It is scary that this is even a question that we are asking… however it is a very relevant question. In my opinion it is not dead however it does need to be revived. I think that it is our job as educators to revive poetry. We need to draw in the excitement of poetry, we need to allow students to create poetry and become authors in their own way. Poetry is the way to do this.

The article poses the question….Can it still change anything? I absolutely believe that poetry can change something. It can change a students life. It can change their perception on their ability to be a writer. It can change their perception of them ability to be successful. I believe that poetry gives students an outlet to be themselves and show off their own talents.

I urge all educators to step back and think about how you could use poetry in your classroom. How would you give your students the opportunity to become poets? How can you encourage the love of poetry? What is poetry to you and are you excited about it? These are all great things to ask yourself.





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