Week 4 Reflection

What a week! I learned so much more new technology this week. I LOVE VINE!!! I have so many great ideas for using this in the classroom. I want to use this to have my students create introduction videos of themselves. How fund would it be to have them make a 6 second video to introduce themselves to the class? I think it would be great and so engaging to think about how to get your info across in 6 seconds.

Ok, off of vine there were so many great things that I learned this week. I was able to tinker with some different video applications. Although I was not successful with most of them I was proud of myself for at least dabbling with them. I think this was my challenge for the week was the amount of time that I spent trying to make video applications work for me… I guess this will require some more time and effort.

The course reading this week was very eye opening. I had never thought of DIY and a sort of trend that began many decades ago. I always viewed DIY as some sort of home renovations. As I read many of my classmates reading responses this was also their perception. I was glad to know that I was not the only one that thought this.

I will be continuing to dabble with technology. I am also ready to start making some decisions on what technology I want to bring into my classroom at the beginning of the year and how exactly I will do that.

As far and my class participation I would give myself a meeting expectations score. I was able to participate and respond to classmates comments on reading and story critiques. I also really enjoyed the daily creates this week as well as the video assignment. I will continue to work on my tech savviness (I don’t think that is a word.)

Farewell for now!


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