Why Poetry – Digital Story Critique



I loved this blog on poetry. It was short and sweet and easy for the reader to access. This article quickly addresses 5 reasons why we need poetry in the classroom.

Research- Was the project well researched?

I would have to say the writer has great points but I am not sure that it is completely evident that they had great research, however I did like that they gave a list of resources for the reader to check out. I can only assume that these were resources that they researched before writing the blog.

Sense of audience- How well did the story respect the needs of the audience?

I think this blog did a great job of meeting the needs of the audience. The intended audience is obviously educators. To me this article was short and sweet and easy to read. I loved that it was bullet pointed which made it very easy to follow. It made it easy as the reader to quickly find the information that I was looking for.

Project Planning- Is there evidence of planning?

I did not see any evidence of planning. However, I guess I am questioning what this would look like in a blog?

Overall, I really enjoyed this article. It was a quick read that gave me the information that I was looking for. It validated a lot of points that I was already thinking. This is a blog post that I would definitely share with my coworkers.



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