Chant Poems


WOW!!!! So many great examples of chant poems in this article. I love the work that all of these students created… and I love the idea of sharing it with my own students.

This article did a great job of building some background knowledge on how poetry began. It reminded me to think back to native tribes that chanted and repeated sounds, creating the first poems.

The chant poem is a fairly new form of poetry for me. I am excited to introduce this form of poetry to my students. I think that it may take them some time to get started on a poem like this (we will have to do some brain dumps and lots of thinking) however I think that once they get started they will be able to run with it and be very successful. I think that I need to try my hand at chant poetry before I ask my students to create chant poetry. So here is my go at chant poetry…



My Dog

My Dog Macy

My Dog Macy loves

My Dog Macy loves to

My Dog Macy loves to sleep.


Sleep in

Sleep in the

Sleep in the bed

Sleep in the bed with

Sleep in the bed with me.


Me- my

Me- my dog

Me-my dog Macy’s best

Me- my dog Macy’s best friend.


Not sure that I love it but at least I will share with my students as an idea.




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