Weekly Reflection

Good evening!

I am happy to say that I have a much better understand of some of the technology that we are using. I am feeling much more confident and am really getting the hang of the annotating and such. With that being said I think I had a much, much better week. I am really starting to see how all the aspects of this class will benefit me as a classroom teacher.

Participation on required work-

This week I was able to confidently navigate technology and complete all required parts of the class. The most difficult thing for me this week was navigating to record my response to a song that I chose. I was not able to actually record in soundcloud however I was able to upload my recording to soundcloud and then add it to my assignment. I will have to continue working with that website. I enjoyed the daily creates this week. I find myself thinking that so many of them would be fun to post as morning work for my students to start the day with. I would love to see the fun responses they would come up with. Even if they could not use technology every morning there are so many that they could respond to orally with a partner, illustrate, or write a response.

I am enjoying being in a smaller group for reading responses and critiques. It seems much easier to manage and to follow along with.

I would really like to reach out to Lisa for assistance in my final digital story work. So I guess I would say this is my area that I am feeling I could use more work and have some questions about.

Meeting Expectations-

This week I would say I am meeting expectations. I completed all required work. I feel that I put my best effort in and really learned a lot this week. This class is constantly surprising me. I am enjoying it more and more and finding so many great ideas and resources to use in my classroom.

Farewell for now!





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