Poetry to facilitate literacy success as well as great behavior!



LOVE LOVE LOVE this article for so many reasons! First, it was publised by my alma mader. But really it addressed so many things that I was thinking about poetry.

Poetry almost seems like a lost art in the classroom. It is missing from so many classrooms. Often I think that poetry seems boring and daunting for students. It was so refreshing to hear so many great ideas from this teacher on how she incorporated poetry into her classroom in so many great ways.

I had really not thought about the fact that poetry is really the first literacy that students learn. Whether is the the rhyming songs that a mother sings, jump ropes rhymes, or silly stories, children are exposed to poetry at such a young age. Why are we not capitalizing on this and continuing their use of poetry in the classroom.

I love that this teacher used poetry to create self-awareness, self-confidence, compassion, community, and on and on. It seems that she introduced the poems and then allowed students to define the underlying meaning. I also love the way that she went about her teaching strategies. It seems that she took a lot of time to help students read the poems and comprehend them. She then asked them to use their background knowledge to write poems. I love that she had them begin their poetry writing with something they had so much information about. Talk about creating success off the bat.

How genius is this woman to have students reciting poems during transitions and in the hallway? Not only is she promoting fluency but she is promoting positive behavior.

I fell in love when I read the comments from the students about poetry. What a validation for this teacher on the work that she is doing with her students. I would love to get those reactions from my students on work that we are doing. I love that they felt so much ownership and pride in their poetry.

Again, I am so overwhelmed with great ideas to try in my classroom. Now I have even more research to do. I will need to be spending lots of time at the library gathering all of these great poems!!!

Happy Poetry Reading!


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