hapter 4: New Literacies and Social Learning Practices of Digital Remixing

Hello Fellow Teachers,

I highly recommend that you engage in this weeks reading about digital remixing. It opened my eyes to so many new things that I would love to try in my classroom. There seem to be so many user-friendly (meaning not needing to be so techy) websites that can support teachers and students in digital remixing.

First, I guess I was not clear on the definition of remixing. Like many of my fellow coworkers said in their annotations they thought that remixing only applied to music. I always assumed that was the main use of the word. I am so surprised at the many uses of remixing including music, literature, photos, and videos.

I would love to have my students engage in remixing and creating fanfiction. This was totally new concept to me and I am so enthralled with the idea. I love the idea of letting students choose literature and or videos that they are interested in and remixing. I always love the idea of allowing them to have choice in their work. Fanfiction is something that I will definitely be researching and learning more about. I am also a huge advocate for supporting struggling students and I think that this would be a great way to encourage their success in writing.

Mashup- not a new term to me however sparked a lot of new ideas for me. As stated in the reading it is when an artist mashes 2 songs together to create something new. I would love to have my students experiment with some sort of mash-up. My focal theme is poetry and I am thinking about great things that my students could do with the idea of mash-up. I would love for them to explore music, literature, and poetry to create some mash-up poems. I would also love for them to create their own original works and possibly mash-up with a classmate… so many great ways to use this simple concept that I never thought of outside of the music world.


Digital storytelling has brought a whole new light to my ideas of teaching with technology. My general idea of using technology in the classroom was to use it for research purposes… you know look things up, check out pictures, explore websites to gather information. Now I have a whole new world of ideas of using technology in the classroom. I want to use technology to have my students create their learning. I now want them to be able to use technology to create memes, create mash-ups, research and video digital remixing, and check out fanfiction and work on creating it as well. There are so many ways that could help students to use technology to create success.

I have so so so much research to do myself before any of these ideas can be executed in my classroom. I am sure that many of you are feeling so overwhelmed by the mass amount of new information that you are receiving. I would love to hear more great ideas from all of you about how you will be using digital storytelling as well as digital remixing in the classroom…. send me anything you’ve got!!!

That’s it for now… off to do my research!


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