Digital Story Critique

Haikus on Street Signs Inspire Non-Fiction Genre Mashups


Check out this awesome blog about mash-ups and poetry!!! I loved it!

Story flow-

This blog had great flow. It was easy to follow and navigate. I was searching for something to read about that would include using poetry and mashups and this title popped up. The blog addressed exactly what the title said it was. For me to moved through the topic in a great way. First. addressing the project at hand (writing poetry out of street signs) and then on to other poetry ideas. I appreciated that it was short and sweet and to the point.



Did the blog meet the needs of the audience? I would say absolutely. Me being the audience member I was looking for information and ideas about how to incorporate mash-ups and poetry in my classroom. This article did exactly that. It gave me the information that I needed in my area of research.


I appreciated the use of  media in this blog. It was simple yet useful. The images of the actual project were visually appealing and easy to locate within the blog. I also found it helpful that images of other literary titles that were spoken of were in the blog as well. I did not see the need for fancy videos and audio and appreciated that only the media that was necessary was in the blog.


Overall, I thought that was a great blog that gave me great ideas for my classroom!

That’s all for now folks!



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