Weekly Reflection

Good evening!


This was a tough week to get acclimated to this course. It has been a busy week and it has been a lot of work to get used to all of the forums that we are using in this class. I feel that I could do a better job with completing the course requirements. I feel that the technology was very hard to navigate and get up and running for me. So as far as how well I did with the course requirements I would say mediocre. I think that now that I have gotten more familiar with the technology this will go more smoothly for me. I really enjoyed the daily create assignments. I found myself browsing through them for quite some time. I also found myself thinking of some many of them being great assignments for my students. I also learned that I am capable of blogging, however I do not feel that I am an interesting blogger. This is a goal of time, to become more witty and exciting with my blogs. I also learned so much about so many different types of technology. I had a hard time navigating them but I know that I will get better at this.


I am choosing to focus on poetry in the classroom as my theme. I am struggling with exactly which direction to take this. I am just not sure exactly what angle I want to go with this. I need to continue reading and researching poetry to choose a path for this.


As far as how I feel I did with expectations for the class I would give myself below expectations. The reason for this is that I feel I could have done a better job responding to my classmates blogs and annotations. To be completely honest this weeks work was completely overwhelming for me. Like I said earlier in my post I feel that I have learned throughout the week how to better navigate this technology. My goal is to really dig deeper into the technology.

I am really looking forward to digging deeper especially into my focal theme. I am excited about what I have learned about technology and its capabilities. I also am thinking of so many ways that I would like to use technology in my classroom. This next week will be a whole new week with new opportunities to do great things!!!


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