Teaching Poetry in the Classroom- Digital Story Telling Critique


I am reflecting on my digital story progress- My theme for my digital story will be teaching poetry in the classroom. I have done a lot of reading of curriculum that revolves around using poetry in the classroom. I am super excited about what my students will be working on. Thinking back after I have now chosen my theme for my digital story I would have chosen a different visual assignment that tied more clearly to poetry. However, I have been able to think about the Bucket List assignment that I did work on and I think I can tie it into my poetry unit quite well. I mean wouldn’t a bucket list poem be quite interesting to read? Why couldn’t my students create a bucket list collage just as I did and then create a poem instead of writing paragraphs about it. I think that overall I am quite happy with the visual assignment that I chose to work on as well as the reading and research I have done around poetry.

Project planning Is there evidence of solid planning, in the form of story maps, scripts, storyboards, etc.?

Project planning is the first trait that I chose to focus on. Planning is such a huge part of any work that I do and therefore I really want to see it in my students work. This trait is something that I will be reflecting on not only for myself but for my students. I need to make sure that I am purposeful in my planning to execute and create the best product. I believe the same is true for my students. I also like to see my students planning to be able to understand their thinking as well as to help guide their process.

Writing What was the quality of the student’s written work exhibited in the planning documents, research, etc.?

Writing is the next trait that I have chosen to focus on. I mean can poetry be good without quality writing and planning? In my opinion NO! So this is why I am choosing to focus on writing. I would like my students to be able to research heavily before creating their poetry and biographical essays of poets. I believe that writing is at the heart of so much of our learning and therefore in almost any context I will require quality writing.

Presentation and performance How effective was the student’s actual presentation or performance? This includes burning a DVD, posting the story on the Web site effectively, performing it before an audience, or whatever the assignment required.



Lastly I chose presentation and performance. As a culmination of our learning my students will be reading their own poems as well as their biographical essays. I believe it is so important for students to be proud of their work and to share it with an audience. This is something that I will be promoting throughout my teaching of poetry!


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