Live Like You Were Dying- Bucket List

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Original assignment link-

My bucket list revolves mostly around experiences and traveling. My goal in life is to travel to many different countries including Thailand and Ireland. I would love to visit historic castles in Ireland and beautiful beaches and islands in Thailand. I would also love to own a boat and a cabin in the mountains. I want to experience so many things with my family and I think that owning a boat and a cabin are a part of the experiences that I want to have with my family someday.

I am a person who truly remembers experiences over items. I believe that the experience is what sticks with. I dream of creating experiences in my future therefore my bucket list is made up of places or things that I want to help me create experiences in my life. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are playing on the water and playing in the mountains. Thinking about those fond memories is what made me put buying a boat and a cabin in the mountains on  my bucket list.

I love to travel and have traveled internationally already in my life. I experienced so many great things while I traveled, I learned, I grew as a person, I explored, and therefore I want to be able to do more travel.

I used befunky to create my collage. I really liked this forum and it was quite simple to use. I was able to play around with the placement of photos and text as well as text features.



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